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06 December 2021
Co-Founder / Digital Engineering Manager | Accienta

Carolina Fong Guzzy

Carolina Fong Guzzy, is Accienta’s Co-Founder / Digital Engineering Manager.

Carolina holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Monterrey Tech in Mexico and a Master of Project Management from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

Through her professional journey, Carolina has worked for several multinational companies including Autodesk, VAG Group and ICA. Her most noticeable roles regarding technology for construction have been the following: As a Systems Coordinator at ICA, she oversaw the SAP implementation in the largest construction company in Mexico, side by side with a team of +150 people including internal resources, technology suppliers and implementation specialists. She also worked developing the strategy of the international business division of the company and a mining subsidiary company in Peru.

Later on, during her role as Technical Sales Specialist for Autodesk, Carolina worked with private and public entities in Mexico and Latin America. In this role, she received 3 awards from fellow Autodesk Colleagues including 2 innovation and 1 adoption awards for her ideas to push cloud-based products in the American continent.

Carolina co-founded Accienta in Dubai in 2017. Accienta guides the Digital Transformation journey of companies across different industries. Some of the most notable clients in the construction industry are Consultants, Contractors and Owners/Developers. Accienta is focused on building partnerships with individuals and organizations to enhance the processes behind their documentation, collaboration, execution, and client interface requirements through the use of Next Generation industry specific software.