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8 – 11 Nov 2020
Director | Compass Project Consulting

Claire Tromp

As one of the Partners of award-winning Compass Project Consulting, Claire is tasked with Directorship of the regional Cost Management business units, overseeing multi-billion-dollar projects.

Claire’s diversified cost management career encompasses all aspects of cost engineering, estimating and quantity surveying, having spent the past 18 years’ honing her skills through-out South Africa, Africa and the Middle East regions, all of which has contributed to her successful growth, whilst managing challenging change. and creating environments which are transparent and collaborative. Her specialty skills include the ability to lead Teams in uncovering and tracking specific market costs, throughout most industries, across multi-sectors, ensuring accurate data is reflected in the services provided by Compass.

Claire’s knowledge and proactive approach are greatly valued by clients, designers, peers and contractors within the industry. However, for all the success Claire has experienced thus far, her finest accomplishments would be her family and young children, a son aged 5 and twin boy and girl nearing 2.