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06 December 2021
Head of CAD & BIM | Cracknell

Elena Salun

Elena Salun is the Head of CAD & BIM at Cracknell Landscape Design.
A Senior Architect with over 15 years of BIM experience, Elena has overseen multiple BIM Implementation programs successfully assisting new companies to adopt processes encompassing the full BIM lifecycle.

She has extensive experience working on commercial, residential, hospitality, aviation, infrastructure, railway, healthcare and governmental (USACE) projects in the US, Europe and the Middle East, and strives to push the limits of BIM development ensuring success through effective BIM management, technology application, and by advocating the importance of working in a truly collaborative environment.

Focusing on the human and cultural aspects of the BIM Ecosystem made possible for her to strategize and deploying BIM with a holistic vision and both practical and empathetic approach.
With her drive for efficiency and an ability to identify future trends, she has led the development of many BIM/VDC tools which have then been deployed and used on numerous projects including the Doha and Riyadh Metro projects, and the Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion.