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8 – 11 Nov 2020
Founder, Hospitality Development Advisor | Taurima

Leanne Henderson

Leanne Henderson has over 25 years experience in real estate project delivery having been on the consultant, owner/developer and brand side of hospitality through design, construction and operation of over 135 hotels. Leanne also has experience in fast track delivery while also achieving a successful revenue generating entity that excites both guests and colleagues. After two senior roles within InterContinental Hotel Group, Leanne founded Taurima to answer to the evolving needs of projects and stakeholders in the hospitality industry, including owners, developers, operators/brands and consultants, hospitality project designers and contractors.

She believes that there is a growing need for injecting high level hospitality advice in the delivery of complex hospitality projects and translating the needs of hospitality owners and hotel brands to the design teams so that hotels open achieving the common goals set out – with key focuses around guest experience, operability and assigning project funds were it makes the biggest impact. A lot of owners would love to have this type of specialty in house but in these current times it is more cost effective to work with boutique advisory firms like Taurima to get the right injection of advice at the right time, often supporting the executive management team and their existing delivery teams to make time critical decisions with an operational approach.