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8 – 11 Nov 2020
Founder | FifthEdge

Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor is the founder of FifthEdge, Passionate about the construction and engineering industry, he has been supporting organization large and small in the region to attract talent and develop their teams for over 15 years. A philanthropist at heart, he has now focused on spearheading change in the recruitment industry in restoring balance between the employer and workforce using todays technology and innovation.

Having been at the forefront of recruitment throughout the highs and lows of the economy, Taylor brings a valuable perspective on the frontline of the recruitment practice and challenges in the region. A regular feature writer, known for his ‘edgy’ opinions on the need for raising the standards of ethics, best practice, equality and mental health.

A Scotsman and father of a young daughter, gender diversity and embracing young talent into the industry are topics close to Taylor’s heart with an added perspective of the hurdles involved in leading and developing culture in SMEs and startups.