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06 December 2021
Engineer & Sustainable Development Expert – Business Development at ENERNOUVA | Enernouva

Margarita Huaca V

Ms Margarita holds a degree as an Agricultural Engineer and has ten years of business development experience in China, Spain, and the Middle East. In Dubai since 2016, she has shifted her focus towards sustainability in energy and waste management of buildings, enhanced by certificates of ISO 50001 and ISO 9001 (including Lead auditor), as well as waste management.
Now already three years with Enernouva with Enernouva, and in close alignment with Enernouva´s Managing Director, Margarita is driving the further expansion and implementation of thermodynamic solar panel systems with customers (hotels, hospitals, admin buildings) in the entire UAE and beyond as a way for them to reduce costs and to achieve the national going green goals of carbon footprint reduction.
This is in full alignment with her passion for promoting the concept of sustainability through innovative new technology (such as thermodynamic solar panels), through increased energy efficiency, and new entrepreneurial thinking – away from the traditional “we have always done it this way” mindset towards an openness to embrace sustainability as a holistic new approach of investing and making improvements to buildings and their operations. In particular, this last point is a major field of Margarita´s focus, since often the financials of green investments show very positive yields, but it is this traditional mindset which often creates the biggest hurdles for sustainable green projects to materialise.
By now, Enernouva has over 130 projects in the UAE (completed or in progress), many of which Margarita has given her contribution.