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8 – 11 Nov 2020
Head of Technical Services & Development, Global Hospitality | Drees & Sommer

Morgan Tuckness

Morgan Tuckness is a U.S. trained architect with over 14- years of professional experience within the fields of development management, design, and hospitality development. For over 12-years, Morgan served as the Regional Director of Architecture & Construction for Marriott Vacations and the Ritz-Carlton Development Company, the real-estate development subsidiary of Marriott International. Her areas of focus ranged from program and design management to project management and asset turnover. Throughout her tenure with Marriott, Morgan has been involved with over 85 projects located in the U.S., Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

Most recently, Morgan has brought her experience from the Owner, Developer, and Operator side to Consulting. Morgan has joined Drees & Sommer, the German-based Project Management Company that has been supporting the public and private sector owners and investors for over 49 years. Today the company delivers services supporting hospitality development, development consulting, project management, engineering, real estate consulting, infrastructure consulting and strategic process consulting. With the backing of over 40 offices internationally and over 3,200 associates – Morgan’s chief responsibility is to lead Technical Services & Development division within Global Hospitality team.